Tongue Piercing
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Care Routine
Day 1
1. Bleeding
The tongue has an excellent blood supply so expect some blood in your mouth during and just after the procedure. Occasional bleeding for the first few days is quite normal.
2. Pain
You will experience some soreness for the first day or so. Paracetamol (e.g.Panadol, Tylenol) is an appropriate pain-reliever which may help you to sleep on the first night. Do not use aspirin as it promotes bleeding.
Days 2 - 5
1. Food
At this stage it may be difficult to talk and eat It is important to maintain your food intake during the healing period. Cold foods are better tolerated than hot foods.You should avoid anything hot or spicy.
2. Mouthwashing
 Rinse your mouth with salty water as often as you like. The correct proportion is ¼ teaspoon of sea salt to 8 ounces (250mls) of bottled water. Sea salt can be purchased from supermarkets or delicatessans. Do NOT use iodised salt as the iodine slows healing.
 Try sucking antibacterial/anti-inflammatory throat lozenges such as to reduce the swelling.
 Use a disinfectant mouthwash after eating:
 Biotene ®
 Listerine ®:It should be diluted to a quarter of the usual strength – otherwise the mouthwash will destroy your naturally occurring enzymes and kill the exposed healing tissues.
 Oral_B ®
 Rembrandt ®
 Tech 2000
 If your tongue turns brown or green this is a sign that you should reduce the amount of mouthwash that you are using.
 Do not use mouthwashes or toothpastes containing peroxide.
3. Pain
After the first day you should not need any more pain relief.
4. Swelling
You may experience some swelling on Day 1, but the worst swelling occurs during Days 2-4. The swelling often feels much worse than it really is. Ice and cold drinks will help reduce swelling. Hot foods, spicy foods, talking a lot will tend to increase the swelling.
. Days 6 - 14
1. Changing Barbells
Your initial barbell is usually longer than the your tongue is thick, to accommodate swelling. After 5 - 10 days most people will see their piercer to fit a shorter bar.
2. Healing
A tongue piercing should be very comfortable after 2 weeks. However the piercing is not permanent till 6 months have elapsed. Don’t play with or chew on your piercing as this can lead to the formation of scar tissue. At the first sign of infection or unusual swelling consult your piercer or physician
3. Hygiene
Avoid putting anything dirty in your mouth and refrain from kissing and oral sex during the healing period.
4. Safety Check
You should check that the ball is firmly screwed on to the barbell about once a week. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap before touching the piercing.