Eyebrow Piercings Aftercare
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Healing Time: 2 - 4 months
 Do not touch your piercing, or let others touch it while it is healing
 Clean your healing piercing 3 times daily with antibacterial soap
Never use alcohol swabs, Betadine or hydrogen peroxide to clean your piercing
 Expect some bruising around the eye for the first few days
 Pain, redness and unusual discharge may be due to infection. Consult your piercer or a physician if you develop any of these symptoms
 Take vitamin C and zinc to maximize your healing
 Wait till your piercing is healed before changing jewelry yourself

Daily Care Routine
 Do not touch your piercing unless you are cleaning it. Unwashed hands carry bacteria and your piercing is a point where these bacteria can penetrate below your skin and cause an infection.
 While healing your piercing will need to be cleaned 3 times daily
 The step-by-step procedure is:
1. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap.
2. Wet the piercing with plain water. Never turn a dry piercing while its healing
3. Put a few drops of antibacterial soap on the piercing and work them into a lather with a cotton bud.
4. Try to loosen any crusted discharge and float it off the jewelry and your skin with the cotton bud.
5. Leave the antibacterial soap on the piercing for two minutes while moving the jewelry back and forth, allowing the disinfectant to penetrate the piercing.
6. Rinse with water and air dry thoroughly.